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Cherokee GA Libertarians
9 months ago
FOX 5 Atlanta

The GA State Legislature wants to create a board to "certify" media outlets... I mean, what could go wrong?

OPINION: According to Jessica Szilagyi, a bill proposed by six Georgia lawmakers is threatening the First Amendment. It would create a Journalism Ethics Board giving our government the right to ... See more

9 months ago
Being Libertarian

But But But... without government only the rich would get police protection....

Oh wait.

🤔 (CS)

9 months ago
Think Liberty

Fact (MM)

9 months ago
Young Americans for Liberty

Taxation is Theft!

10 months ago

Here that GOP...


10 months ago
Taxes Aren't Theft - What They Are Might Be Worse

Taxes are theft... "Happy" April 15th...

Often you'll hear libertarians say, "Taxation is Theft." That may not be entirely accurate. It's probably more accurate to say taxes are extortion.

10 months ago
Libertarian Party of Georgia

And once again Government FAILS...

Get the federal government out of education.

10 months ago
Liberty’s Flame

10 months ago
Being Libertarian

Monday morning feelz...


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