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Cherokee GA Libertarians
4 days ago
Cowen for Congress

Petitions for Cowen for Congress Gilmer for Congress Jay Strickland for Georgia Patrick Marcacci for HD52 and Demond Kennedy for state house-90 are due July 10th, can you help?

Martin Cowen, Demond Kennedy, and Mark Mosley make their plea for volunteers for the Liberty Movement.

1 week ago
Jay Strickland for Georgia

Donate to support our efforts at jaystrickland4ga.com/donate

Vote for Free and Open Elections
Vote for Competition and Diversity

#VictoryinHD42 #MakeLibertyWin #GoldRush2018 ... See more

1 week ago
Liberty America

Who else has spent long days gathering signatures to get someone on the ballot? It isn't easy overcoming objections and misunderstandings just to get a few signatures. This video from Jay Strickland ... See more

1 week ago
Cowen for Congress

Martin Cowen, Libertarian candidate for Congress GA13, opposes undeclared war. Millions would have been saved had Congress done their job since 2001.

2 weeks ago
Fetch Your News

Here's what you're up against if you go against "Leadership"... Matt Gurtler is one of the good guys in government... But his opponent is being financed by his own party...

The General Primary election takes place May 22.
Early voting has begun.

#FetchYourNews #Election2018

3 weeks ago
Monthly Membership - Libertarian Party of Georgia

The Libertarian Party of Georgia has a brand new membership type to make it easier than ever to help support the state party Monthly! Now, for as little as $3 per month, that's less than a cup of ... See more

Your monthly contribution puts you in the ranks of our strongest supporters of building a libertarian brand and growing the message throughout Georgia.

1 month ago
Libertarian Party of Georgia

Latest on Cowen for Congress and Gilmer for Congress ballot-access lawsuit.

Martin and Aaron are still looking for help to petition when can you come help?

"There is an obvious answer to Georgia’s response. The state is free to use ranked choice voting."

1 month ago
Libertarian Party of Georgia

Check out Podcast #2 where host Brent Hilburn discusses the 2018 Legislative session with Ryan Graham, Vice Chairman of LP Georgia, and Tim Smith, Public Policy Director of LP Georgia!

1 month ago
Libertarian Party of Georgia


As Libertarians we are not seeing much of a difference.. #Libertarian

1 month ago
Ballot Access Petition Drive

We're working on a petition to get on the ballot this November. This is also a great opportunity to get to meet the people of our district and introduce them to what we stand for. Come join in the ... See more

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