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Cherokee GA Libertarians
8 months ago
Analysis of the State-by-State Impact of New Tariffs on Mexico

Tariffs are taxes...

#CandidateTable .candidates { background-color: none; } #CandidateTable td { position: relative; } #CandidateTable .content { padding-bottom: 20px; } @media (max-width: 615px) { #CandidateTable .l65 ... See more

8 months ago
Joe Basrawi

Here's your call...

9 months ago
The Rebellion: 89. Ryan Graham, Libertarian Party of Georgia.

Thanks to Banks & Shane for inviting the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Georgia Ryan Thomas Graham to the program...

One of the best episodes yet!

We talk about everything with the new Chair of the Libertarian Party of Georgia, Ryan Graham. From his run for Public Service Commissioner to the fact that the peach state has the worst ballot access ... See more

9 months ago
David Ralston - Libertarians Call for Removal of Special Status for Lawyers

Some animals are more equal than others especially in GA State politics... ... See more

The Libertarian Party condemns the practice of granting unique preference to officeholders, such as Speaker David Ralston, of one profession.

9 months ago
Libertarian Party of Georgia

Perpetual "war"...

Never forget, Wesley Clark revealed "Defense" Department plans to topple 7 regimes in 5 years (Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran). That was nearly 20 years ago - the American War ... See more

9 months ago
Derek Somerville

Where is the Georgia Republican Party on this?

How about your reps from Cherokee County?
Michael Caldwell for Georgia
State Representative Scot Turner
Mandi Ballinger

It's time for principled ... See more

Curious: is it legal for an Officer of the Court to make a false statement to a Superior Court Judge?

Experts please weigh in.

Evidence from my earlier post:

1) Legislative Leave Continuance dated ... See more

9 months ago
The Rebellion: 85. Ralston Caught in New Lies and More Corruption, Derek Somerville.

Where is the Georgia Republican Party on this?

US Marine and former FBI Special Agent in charge of investigating public corruption, Derek Somerville returns to the podcast to reveal new information from his extensive in the field investigation. ... See more

9 months ago
Georgia Supreme Court to Hear Appeal in Challenge to Lt. Governor's Election | Daily Report

Where is the GOP on this?

In 2018, the Lt Governor race add an undervote that was 3x standard deviation *on touchscreen voting machines only*. By contrast, the undervote with absentee paper ballots ... See more

The appeal comes after Senior Superior Court Judge Adele Grubbs tossed a lawsuit contesting the election of Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan.

9 months ago
National Guard armoured vehicle drives into protesters in Venezuela – video

This is the end result of what happens when government has all the firearms...

Hundreds of demonstrators in Caracas have confronted military vehicles on a road outside La Carlota airbase, before one of them appeared to hit protesters

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